Swimming Pool and Spa Inspections

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Residential swimming pools and spas can be enjoyable and lots of fun for the whole family and friends. They can also be expensive to maintain and sometimes even more expensive to repair. If you are considering the purchase of a home that has a swimming pool or a spa, an inspection could help you understand whether there may be any significant issues to consider.

Some of the types of issues that could exist include:

• Cracked or disintegrating concrete decks, which are potential safety issues, and generally costly to replace
Pool linings that are near their end of life, which will require replacement in the near future
Leaks from cracked lines or filtration equipment that can get worse with time, introduce contaminants into
  the pool, and might require significant effort to repair

A Pool and Spa Inspection will be performed in accordance with the American Society of Home Inspectors (ASHI) Standards Of Professional Practice For Residential Swimming Pool And Spa Inspections. The inspection will provide you with objective information about the condition of inspected components. The inspection will include a visual assessment of the:

• Interior finish materials
• Decks, steps inside the swimming pool/spa shell,
  and coping
• Pumps, motors, blowers, skimmer, filters, drains,
  heaters, automatic safety controls, gauges, visible
  piping and valves, and conduit
• Cross-connections in the water supply
  system• Interior finish materialsPresence of safety
  barriers and alarms
• External bonding of the pump motors, blowers,
  heaters, and other components that are required
  to be bonded

• Operation of readily accessible lights, ground
  fault circuit interrupters, electrical components,
  and timer assemblies that are related to the pool
  or spa

• Visible parts of permanently installed handrails
  and ladders

• The presence of entrapment prevention
Area for vegetation, grading, surface drainage,
  and retaining walls that are likely to adversely
  affect the swimming pool or spa