Owner's Inspection

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Owning your own home can bring you great peace of mind and is the American dream. With the joys and satisfaction of ownership come the responsibilities of maintaining your home. Are you keeping up on your home maintenance? Are you unsure of what should be maintained; how and when? Proper maintenance ensures your home’s safety and comfort, and can increase its value. 

Most large home repair issues start out as little ones, but are not seen or are not addressed. An inspection can find the small things and prioritize them so they can be handled before they become big and expensive.

Many homeowners are not aware of many of the regular maintenance tasks that should be kept up with around the house. Fixing a leaky gutter before foundation decay starts; repairing a door seal before the subfloor rots; or replacing a couple roof shingles before a big roof leak problem develops are just a few of the types of issues an Owner's Inspection can find and assess.

Common home maintenance issues that a typical home owner may overlook include:

• Poor drainage
• Water seepage
• Obsolete and old piping materials
• Faulty fixtures or waste lines
 Inadequate ventilation
 Cracked or sinking driveway

• Leaky doors and windows
• Roof and chimney leaks and damage
• Gutter deterioration
• Cracked foundation and wall surfaces
• Faulty electrical wiring and power line security



Your Owner's Inspection will include:

• A written report you can refer back to at any time
• Assessing and reviewing with you the needed home repairs and
• A review of the mechanical features of your home and their
• Seasonal maintenance tips
• A prioritization of the recommended maintenance and repairs
• And most importantly, a chance to go over all your questions
  and concerns